The Secret Story of the Birth
of Nama Morokoshi


In 1957, a small sweet factory was established in Kakunodate Town (present-day Senboku City, Akita), the Little Kyoto of Akita, which is known as a town for samurai residences and cherry blossoms.This was the Isamiya Shoten, which is currently Morokoshian Isamiya.
The young owner wanted to promote Akita's traditional confectionery, Morokoshi as a signature product of the beautiful historical and cultural town, Kakunodate. Most local confectioneries were making this Morokoshi at that time, and extraordinary skills and knowledge were required for newcomers who wanted to enter this traditional business.
And thus, his challenge started.How could customers like them? Is there a way to enjoy the too sweet and hard Morokoshi? After much research, Nama Morokoshi was born. While Morokoshi had a hard texture, he changed the whole idea to create the no-bake Morokoshi.
This Nama Morokoshi became highly reputed that people now say, "The must-buy of Kakunodate is Nama Morokoshi." New Morokoshi products have been continuing to be launched one after another. We have focused only on Morokoshi and continue to take on new challenges to satisfy customers.