Morokoshian's Commitment


Ginjo Adzuki beans made in Tokachi, Hokkaido are generously used

The main ingredient of Morokoshi, the adzuki bean is grown in Tokachi, Hokkaido. Tokachi is well reputed for its environment with great temperature fluctuations between day and night, helping crops grow well. We don't use the entire adzuki bean. We only use the core of adzuki beans, the most delicious part, and grind them. We generously use this powder. The core of the adzuki bean is tiny and precious, which truly deserves of the name, Ginjo (High-Quality) Adzuki.
The most delicious part of adzuki beans, the core, of the so-called Ginjo Adzuki is three times more expensive than normal adzuki bean flour. As we want customers to enjoy perfect Morokoshi made with the best ingredients, we never compromise on the quality of ingredients. We continue in our efforts to make the taste and texture of Morokoshi refined and delightful.

With an artisanal passion

Those who make sweets should not just depend on their skills. Delicious sweets cannot be completed only with the artisanal skills. The mission of confectioners is to prepare quality ingredients and to bring the best out of their taste.
What Morokoshian cares the most in the production of Morokoshi is to procure quality ingredients. Morokoshian also takes pride in creating highly original sweets representing Akita Prefecture. Many adzuki sweets are available throughout Japan. But confectioneries made with roasted adzuki beans are unique. We are confident that our Morokoshi is the only confectionery people in Akita can boast of to Japan. Carrying on this pride, we will engage in the production of Morokoshi.
Morokoshian focuses on developing local products inspired by tradition and culture and delivers Morokoshi produced with our whole heart to everyone.